Comprehensive School Management and Learning Management System

SMSLMS is a centralized web based system to cover all aspects of academic and learning management in Universities, Higher Educational Institutes, Schools and Enterprise Learning Management

School and University Management System Features

SMS LMS Diagram

School Management system has all the features to manage academic, finance and admin functions of a university or school.

User Interface

Web based,secure user friendly interface makes it easier for the user to use the system and reduce training time and efforts. System is compatible with any latest web browser.


SMS has the ability to work as a stand alone module or with LMS and also to integrate with other third party LMS applications like Moodle.

When integrated SMS and LMS together it becomes a centralized powerful software tool to manage any type of educational institute and provide needed business insights real time.

Lead Management/CRM

Keeping track of received Leads and inquiries and their status is very important for any educational institute. SMSLMS lead management module support to track all inquiries including the status up to the lead conversion.

Academic Management

Reduce time for complex tasks of the academic department to create courses, curriculum/syllabus, academic plans, intakes and

batches for a given academic year. SMSLMS make this process faster and easier while minimizing human errors and data redundancy.

Course Fee management/Payments

SMSLMS facilitate multiple payment plans and multi currancy option for different courses. It also provide online and offline payments options and complete insight and reports for received and pending payments from students for the courses.

Student Enrollment

You can fully automate process of student enrollment from the application to the registration with SMSLMS. It provide facilities to cross check course eligibility, set selection test and placement tests, viva tests and enroll students to different courses and branches or classes of a university/school.

Exams and Assessments

Setting up exams according to the schedule, allocating classrooms, exam eligibility checks and admissions, results publishing is faster and

error free with SMSLMS system. It also support different type of assessments and GP calculations for longer courses in universities.

Time Table Management.

SMSLMS supports both academic and exam time table management by allocating lectures, class room allocation, adding modules/subjects according to the academic plan.

Attendance Management

Student and lecture attendance capturing using bio metric or manual methods and providing reports and cross checks.

Lecturers and resource personal management

Managing resource personal according to subject area allocating them to time table and processing lecture fess and staff salaries based on attendance, number of hours or fixed wages.

Learning Management System Features

LMS User Interface

Web based user friendly and attractive interface make students engaged with the system more and content creators manage content with ease. It makes e-learning a pleasant experience for both students and teachers.

Different user Types

SMSLMS supports different user types including Sys admins, Institute admins, class admins, students and lecturers to access and manage the system and its content.

Student Access to LMS

View course materials including lecture notes, videos, presentations and lecture feed backs and participate in group forums. Submit online assignments, do mock exams, take online exams, view performances and rate lecturers.

Lecturers and Teachers

Create learning materials for different courses/subjects as videos, presentations or upload documents. Set mock exams and exams with question bank. Communicate online with student or class, provide feedback and view student feed backs. Mark and view student performance.

Online Exam Management

Upload questions or create directly in the question bank. Different

question types including MSQ, Essay or multiple answer. Set mock and

actual exams and automatic score. Release reports and progress of


Attendance Management

Student Attendance to online courses and exams will capture automatically and update to SMS.

SMS LMS Seamless Integration

Student Management and Learning management systems seamless integration facilitate both system to work as a one peace of software in,

Course and Curriculum creation

Student Enrollment and Authentication

Student Payments

Student Profile

Time table

Exam Schedule

Exam Results

Student and course activation/deactivation

Student Attendance

Lecturer enrollment and authentication

Lecture Allocation

User Management and Access Control

moodle lms

Moodle LMS Integration

SMSLMS is capable to integrate with Moodle LMS if you have all ready implemented your own Moodle LMS or planning to use Moodle.

LMS Integrations

SMSLMS can integrate with third party application software like LMS, Accounting systems, ERP systems and HR Payroll Systems or custom built software.

SMS LMS customization

SMSLMS Customization

Customization of the system can be done based on Academic and learning Management requirements of the educational institute.

SMSLMS cloud hosting

Secure Cloud Implementation

Scale according to your requirements cost effectively, SMSLMS supports cloud implementations with standard security and backup options.

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