School Management System

SMS Module based system architecture make it easier to manage Academic, finance and Admin functions according to organization data flow



Academic Management

  • Offer different Types of courses from Different awarding bodies.
  • Manage faculties and academic clusters.
  • Manage Batches and Intakes.
  • Manage Qualification levels and academic path ways.
  • Manage Curriculum and syllabus for courses.
  • Manage Modules,Subjects and Topics.
  • Manage assessment and exam marking schemas.
  • Create annual Academic Plans and Time tables.
  • Manage Lecturers/Resource personal for courses.
  • Generate annual/monthly and real time academic reports.
  • Integration with LMS for course, syllabus, resource personal management.

Course Fees/Payment Plans

  • Create Multi Currency Payment plans.
  • Full, partial, installment basis payment plans.
  • Automatic payment reminders and alerts.
  • Manage Discounts and special payment options.
  • Receive Academic and non academic payments.
  • Payment reports and age analysis.
  • Integration with LMS for student payment status updates.

Lead Management

  • Record received inquiries with information in the system.
  • Manage lead status up to the student enrollment to a course.
  • Manage sales/call center agents
  • Manage lead transfers.
  • Generate lead incentives for conversions.

Student Enrollment

  • Student online application processing.
  • Course eligibility checks and selection.
  • System generated student ID numbers according to course/batch/intake.
  • Create Student profile with Photos and personal information.
  • Print Student ID’s with Barcode,photo.
  • Assign Students to Classes.
  • Generate student logins to LMS and push profile.
  • Manage complete student life cycle with the institute.

Time Table

  • Manage time table according to Academic Plan.
  • Assign lecturers, classrooms for subjects/modules.
  • Mark module completion.
  • Calculate lecture hours for payments.
  • View time tables online.
  • Integrate with LMS .
  • Time table report generation

Manage Attendance

  • Manage student attendance.
  • Bio metric, Zoom, MS teams, CSV attendance upload support.
  • Attendance reports and cross checks for exam eligibility.

Exam and Assessment Management

  • Manage exam and assessment marking schemes.
  • Create Exam time table and schedules.
  • Generate Student admissions.
  • Results upload, GP/grading calculations and publish.
  • Student progress report.
  • LMS integration for online exams and results.

System user management and Access control

  • Roll based access control module.
  • Different User levels.
  • Approval levels.
  • Two factor authentication support.
  • System audit trails for all the functions with details.

Manage Facilities

  • Manage University/School Branches centrally.
  • Manage halls class rooms and buildings.
  • Manage labs and other facilities.

moodle lms

Moodle LMS Integration

SMSLMS is capable to integrate with Moodle LMS if you have all ready implemented your own Moodle LMS or planning to use Moodle.

LMS Integrations

SMSLMS can integrate with third party application software like LMS, Accounting systems, ERP systems and HR Payroll Systems or custom built software.

SMS LMS customization

SMSLMS Customization

Customization of the system can be done based on Academic and learning Management requirements of the educational institute.

SMSLMS cloud hosting

Secure Cloud Implementation

Scale according to your requirements cost effectively, SMSLMS supports cloud implementations with standard security and backup options.

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