School and University Management System Features

SMS LMS Diagram

SMS LMS is two independent systems integrated together to manage Academic, Admin,Course Fees and online learning management of a higher educational Institute.

SMS-School Management system can function as an independent system to manage Student enrollment, academic management, Student payments, time table,exams and complete end to end student life cycle. When integrate with LMS it automatically sync data between two systems to deliver online learning through LMS. It can also integrate with Moodle an open source learning management system.

moodle lms

Moodle LMS Integration

SMSLMS is capable to integrate with Moodle LMS if you have all ready implemented your own Moodle LMS or planning to use Moodle.

LMS Integrations

SMSLMS can integrate with third party application software like LMS, Accounting systems, ERP systems and HR Payroll Systems or custom built software.

SMS LMS customization

SMSLMS Customization

Customization of the system can be done based on Academic and learning Management requirements of the educational institute.

SMSLMS cloud hosting

Secure Cloud Implementation

Scale according to your requirements cost effectively, SMSLMS supports cloud implementations with standard security and backup options.

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