Learning Management

SMSLMS learning management we have integrated with Moodle an open source application with millions of users around the world. It supports

over 100 languages and has more than 350 plugins for different educational requirements. When integrated with SMS it becomes a power full tool to manage School admin academic, Admin and finance functions from one single peace of software.

SMS integrated with LMS

SMS LMS Diagram

User Interface

Web based,secure user friendly interface and Mobile App makes Moodle learning and teaching simple experience for students and teachers.

Content creation and Delivery

Rich content is a very important part in online learning. Moodle  LMS can support all latest eLearning standards such as

SCORM and Tin Can/xAPI. It enable lecturers to upload videos, documents, presentations, pictures etc.. to support their online learning.

Students can view and download necessary course materials assigned to their courses online.

SMSLMS provide complete control of course, subject, topic creation through its SMS and pushing it to LMS for content creation in seamless integration. Academic Management Module of SMS centrally control the academic requirements of the organization while LMS manage and deliver content.

Online Exams, Assessments and testing

While creating Exams and Assessments for respective courses through Academic module of SMSLMS, online exams and assessments take place through the Moodle LMS. It provides different types of tests including multiple answer, MCQ, Essay types with question banks to select answers randomly.

Online test results can upload to SMS to generate final results with offline exam results. This facilitate both online and on premise exams in one single system and generate student progress reports and final Grades.

Student Engagement with Online learning

Moodle LMS facilitate student engagement with the LMS by providing forums, feed backs groups and many other features to make learning an attractive experience for both students and teachers.

moodle lms

Moodle LMS Integration

SMSLMS is capable to integrate with Moodle LMS if you have all ready implemented your own Moodle LMS or planning to use Moodle.

LMS Integrations

SMSLMS can integrate with third party application software like LMS, Accounting systems, ERP systems and HR Payroll Systems or custom built software.

SMS LMS customization

SMSLMS Customization

Customization of the system can be done based on Academic and learning Management requirements of the educational institute.

SMSLMS cloud hosting

Secure Cloud Implementation

Scale according to your requirements cost effectively, SMSLMS supports cloud implementations with standard security and backup options.

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